Problem of synchronisation beetween my GO6200 and MyDrive.

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Hi all!

Since about two weeks (near the same time of the arrival of the 17.301 but perhaps it is a coincidence} there is no synchronisation beetween "my places" on my GO6200 and mydrive.
It means that in MyDrive all the places in "My places" until two weeks ago are seen but the new are not on MyDrive and those that i have suppressed are still on MyDrive.

Have you any idea about that?

I have created a topic on the french forum

but no answer of the french staff so i hope to have more luck here!



  • miketorcy
    miketorcy Posts: 3,559
    Hi all, i have found alone the solution: Menu ====>settings====>MyDrive the Syncing was not activated. I reactivate it and it seems to work fine. If it can help someone....