Spark 3 BT syncing remains badly bugged in Firmware v1.7.64

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Reliably, after not using the iOS (v11.2.5 on a gen 6 iPod touch) Sports app for a while, every initial BT sync crashes the Sports app about 15% in. After relaunching, the sync usually then works, if taking in excess of 5mins to finish can be termed 'working' LOL.

This has remained the case for three firmware versions IIRC. Granted, it is an improvement over even more previous months worth of completely broken BT syncing :-D But I have to say I'll be shocked if BT syncing is fully fixed before 2019.


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    Considering that TomTom has left the wearables market, is no longer producing devices and has laid off the sports division staff I would be surprised to see it fixed at all.