GO 6200- Adding voices

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After being told that my 820, bought 4 years ago will no longer be supported with the so-called lifetime maps. I have just purchased the tom tom go 6200.
While I will say that it performs very well. I am disappointed by the limited options of voices available. On my 820 I had a rather amusing free Australian voice called James but can not find this on the tom tom site with available voices for the 6200. The choice of voises is very limited. Does anyone know of any other amusing voices. I am not really interested in the celebrity voices.


  • miketorcy
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    The same for me, the staff told me that there is french female computer assigned to my account but it is impossible to install it.
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    I have a similar problem, I just bought a GO 6200 in Germany and many options are not installed and cannot be downloaded. I would like to have voice commands in Spanish. If that is not possible at least in English.

    Also, I would like to have the Spanish(Mexico) choice of voices, which appears as an option but it is not uploaded even though it can be selected.

    Is there a way to achieve this?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Hi @SergioQ

    Welcome to the community!

    Monica(Spanish) and Serena(English) - Two computer voices have been added for your device.

    They should be offered for download when connected to a WiFi internet connection.