End of Life of built in car navigation devices

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It is currently a sorry topic that TomTom have discontinued providing support and supplying services (Live Traffic, Cameras etc) to older devices - some as recent as just a few short years old.

My question is - how long will TomTom (and/or vehicle manufacturers) support and provide services for built in devices? So when will our Carminats etc stop functioning? My first Carminat is still in the van I bought in 2010. That's older than some PNDs which have lost their support and services.


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    You know what will put TomTom out of business? These arrogant replies, if this is coming from TomTom. If its not from TomTom, I will just ignore it... Why not putting upgrades and features out as a paid options? I just use TomTom products and just bought 2 x Runner3's for me and my daughter. I like TomTom products, but their attitude sucks. I heard that TomTom sport watches are discontinued, but do you think I can get a reply, or somebody from TomTom that want to reply on this??? No ways. I also have a TomTom GPS that cannot update anymore???? Why don't you tell this to people before they buy??? What is the use of buying a product that can last 10 years but is useless after 5 years??? Because of this, I just convince a group of people in my Parkrun group to rather buy another brand. TomTom = Arrogance
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    My Live services on my carminate won't function and I cannot connect as the service won't input my password correctly either and have just renewed.