Spark 3 will not connect to Computer to load new updates

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I have a Cardio 3 with Music and when I plug it into my computer (tom tom connects) it says it cannot connect to my watch so I am not able to load the new updates
I spoke to customer service, they sent me a new cord and a new module when the cord didn't work, I have done a factory rreset we have deleted the download and reloaded, I have tried on 2 computers - mac & windows and it still will not connect (insert sad face) It will sync with my phone, but I really want the latest updates. This has been going on for weeks. Hoping someone can help me

Thank you


  • tfarabaugh
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    If Customer Support cannot resolve it, I doubt the user forum can. If they have replaced the watch itself then it seems like the problem would be with your account. I would get back in touch and have them work on it further. In any case you do not want the latest updates they break the connectivity to the phone so you will have no way to sync at all. Until a new, working update it released you are better off staying where you are.

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