SD Card Corrupted

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I performed an update of my SD Card using the TOMTOM Home application on Sunday. When I put this back in my car the next day, the Sat Nav unit started up and radio came on, but after a few seconds the radio went silent and the Sat Nav unit had frozen.

Powered on and off (or left it for a while and it restarted automatically), but the same thing happens every time.

The radio worked fine when the SD Card was left out, but obviously no Sat Nav or any other functions (i.e. Bluetooth phone connection) not available.

Attempted to do another update this evening, and now the SD Card is no longer valid. TOMTOM Home doesn't see the card when inserted and further Windows says that the card needs to be formatted.

Basically I now have a dead card and all due to doing an update using the official TOMTOM Home application.

Any recommendations on either how this can be recovered / replaced, as I do not want to purchase a new card to resolve a problem that was not my fault.

Many thanks


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    Do NOT format the card, you'll lose whatever still remains on there.
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    Hi, to fix the SD card corrupted issue, you can update card reader driver
    • Insert SD Card into your PC’s card reader.
    • Go to Navigate Control Panel – System – Device Manager– Disk drivers
    • Right-click your USB device and select Uninstall and choose Scan for hardware changes to refresh the drivers.
    Format SD fard is also choice, but note that this way will weep all your files on Sd card, so make a backup in advance, But I think you'd better download the Bitwar Data Recovery tool on your PC to avoid such situation.
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