When will bugs be attended to?

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Seems its hard to get any response from tomtom on the roadmap of the mobile app.
Got annoyed once a again so had to share my list of welcome improvements...

Will there be any bug fixes on the app saw there was some rumor about a 1.10 version but I must have missed it

Paying user with App version 1.9.2 on an IOS 11 iphone 7

List of improvements in order of irritation:
  1. Sound via Bluetooth multimedia only. Would be nice to get some directions while on the phone. Some devs might not know, but when you receive a call while driving the screen changes to current phone call try pushing that tine edge on the top of your screen when you don't recall which exit to take and you don't see the navscreen without changing it manually. It gets even better bear with me then you can't see and hear the instructions. :no_mouth:
  2. Lag on the interface when taking corners roundabouts etc..
  3. Unreadable font used for time gain when proposing a alternative route, seriously bright green on a blueish background try to read that when you glance at your phone on the center console.
  4. No scale on the sidebar.
  5. Option to show full route in side bar
  6. Showing exits on the highway when no action is required on the side bar.
  7. Sub-menu required to find alternative routes when travelling.
  8. Randomly not updating eta and remaining distance in topbar and sidebar.
  9. Passing the finish line in the sidebar when not even close to destination
  10. Limitation to recent destinations only 15 or something
  11. Still imagining i'm driving a Ferrari so I want to change that stupid blue arrow to a Ferrari
  12. Not able to import POI's


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    Great points

    But i think TomTom has only one guy working on the updates. The project is dead. They only forgot the shut down the lights when they left.

    Seriously for such a big company
    these serious en dangerous bugs not to be fixed is a calculated risk. Why would they not update their own app. Why is this app horrible slow with the dangerous lags. Why is the app lacking essential functions already existing in other nsvigationapps

    I think they focus on other things:
    autonmous driving; supplying car manufacturers with maps and fleet management.
    They don’t care about small customers
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    babybox wrote:
    I think they focus on other things:
    autonmous driving; supplying car manufacturers with maps and fleet management.
    If they can't fix an app that's been available for nearly two years, why would people trust any autonomous vehicle that uses TomTom code and/or data?
    They don’t care about small customers
    True, TomTom have shown this by the failed iOS GO Mobile app.