Wrong yardage on every course

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Me and my friends play a lot of golf. We also play a lot of courses. I am the only one to buy a Tom Tom as they have bought all various ranges of the garmin ones.

my issue is that, every hole we play, there course info matches up with the course guide. My TomTom is about 10-15 yards out all the time.

when I use my game golf or other gps apps. They all match up with the garmins.

is there a way to fix this or is there an issue with my tomtom. I’ve had this for a year and I am getting to the point of not using it.


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    I have the same problem for my home course. Look at my conversation and I have posted on a scorecard each hole and the difference between the course , TomTom Golfer 2 and my garmin Approach g6.. There is over750 yards difference in 18 holes