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I understand that the Spark 3 requires location to be switched on when syncing via Bluetooth for QuickGPS. However I want to use my watch for message alerts but don't want to leave location switched on (due to battery drain). Is this possible? It seems a bit bizarre if it's not as location shouldn't be a pre-requisite for a Bluetooth connection!


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    You only need location on to sync the QuickGPS (so it know where you are relative to the satellites). You do not need it on for notifications, you can leave it off except for when you are syncing.

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    I thought you were right but I may have spoken too soon. The TomTom app recommends that location services are left on for Bluetooth connectivity to work properly. Turning off location means that, although the watch still thinks it's connected, it doesn't sync data and doesn't give me alerts.

    This is on Android Nougat (Moto G4)