TomTom Go for Android - No traffic live

Antonius_rAntonius_r Posts: 50 [Prominent Wayfarer]
I bought recently the App for Android, and although traffic live worked for some days, after that I always get the symbol of the car with the cross on it, showing it’s unavailable.
The App is installed in an Android device installed in my car, version 4.4.4, that is connected to the internet via a 4G router. The internet works fine, the signal is strong, the GPS works ok. No VPN configured.
The Tomtom release is 1.17.1 (2121).
Curiously Sygic that, as far as I know, uses Tomtom data, shows the traffic correctly. And my Tomtom 6200 also shows traffic.
Thanks for any ideas to try to solve this.


  • Antonius_rAntonius_r Posts: 50 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    I find that a little bit odd as when I bought the license it said it is compatible with my device and everything else works fine. This is not an imbedded Android, this is like a tablet with a WiFi connection.
    Really TomTom won’t support this?
    I got two otherTomTom devices and for me the integration of destinations with MyDrive is very comfortable, but if I don’t get traffic info then I’ll try to get my money back and use Sygic that uses Tomtom traffic and maps and works fine.
    I hope it is not the case and I can stay with Tomtom.
  • Antonius_rAntonius_r Posts: 50 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Solved. Sometimes the login on the Tomtom account was not done properly and that is why traffic was not working (the account for TT services was a different account from the one I used to buy the license in the play store).
    Fortunatly this has nothing to do to the fact of beeing a kind of Android tablet instaled in a car.
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