How can Tom Tom stop updating my Lifetime Maps?Is it legal?

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I received an email from Tom Tom yesterday saying they will no longer update the maps for my XL IQ Routes.

I purchased Lifetime Maps Updates. How is it legal that they decide the lifetime is over. My unit still works well!

Then they offered an insulting offer to update to a newer unit for only $174.99.

Why would I buy a unit from a company that did not support the unit I already bought from them.

They do not offer any kind of a link to a customer service email or phone number, or any access to the president of the company.

Is anybody else as upset about this as I am?

I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and the At tourney General about this...and I have a feeling the company could care less about this.


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    Yes not only in the US but also in the UK/EU, look at the "End of life for TomTom devices with 2GB internal memory" topic and you will see others are having the same concerns. It does appear they will honour any subscriptions pre-Jan 2018 and updates will continue until all 4 have been provided. Then of course you have an out of date sat nav some time in 2019.....I for one have been looking at Garmin but the same issue of EOL is apparent on there T&C's ......Life time maps are not really what you believe they are. Its basically the life time of the product, not when it fails or say when its 10 years old but when TomTom & Garmin for that matter decide to end the product. So it could be as little as 2 to 3 years which is not what anyone would think Life Time really means. Its just a big con trick really. If they wanted to make EOL realistic they could say 10 years for example which would be reasonable in my opinion but no they just leave it vague in the hope we are foolish enough to buy a New £200 sat nav when they decide it has reached its EOL..........dream on I say!