TomTom TOUCH (Cardio) sleeping mode all too simple (allmost not working)

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Have bought Cardio Touch a few days ago, updated the firmware and read what others says, even read the manual :wink: and tried to contact TomTom.
The main reason for buying is for monitoring my sleep, that why i bought the HR version.
The manual doesnt say it, but in the forum I can read that the sleep mode just uses movement, not HeartRate. (Here fx Fitbit Alta is much better.)
It does not only measure sleep when I see TV and work! (IT guy - hope my boss dont see this) Apparently I move my arm every 30 minutes when I sleep.
I could put it on the table, but I want to measure HOW I sleep.

So, unfortunately I have to return the device and buy another product. A little sad, because the rest seems to work fine. The HW i OK, but the SW is not good enough.

That brings me to why I post this: The TomTom homepage also have problems, I was not able to send a mail to TomTom, (tried the DK, UK page), and even when I am logged on, on one tab, in another tab, I have to logon again - without luck

Then the Bluetooth connection initially works fine, but after disabling on phone, it has very much trouble to connect again - also explained in forum.

So buy it for fitness, not for monitoring your sleep


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    All it is using to sense sleep is movement; it does not look at HR or other factors so it would have to make assumptions as to quality of sleep based strictly on movement, which I imagine varies widely by person. Some people sleep like rocks and never move and some people shift a lot. The quality of sleep is the same for them, they just sleep differently. I think many of the devices and apps out there are just making wild guesses as they do not have brainwave monitors on or anything. They are just making assumptions based on your movement as well but putting it into a nice looking interface with lots of graphs to make it seem like they know more. It would be nice if TT could somehow detect and quantify the movement on a chart like you can with HR to see when you are shifting around more. They could possibly factor HR in somehow to detect when there is no movement and a lowered heart rate.

    Unfortunately, considering they have left the wearables market and laid off all the staff (in large part because of the failure of the Touch models) it is most likely that nothing is going to change. It is what it is, so if you can return it and look elsewhere that may be your best option.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.