Refund for a map not compatibile with the End of life device

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Needed an Australian map for my GPS. Logged in to Tom TOM Home purchased the map and it would not install. After much research my device is no longer supported. Why was this not highlighted when I went to purchase it. As stated by Tom Tom a device is assigned to the email. Therefore it should have been tagged before I got to the purchase point. I am now $80 out of pocket with a map thats of no use. And try to CONTACT Tom Tom is about as easy as getting blood out of a stone. All I want is a refund to purchase a map to suit a new GPS.
Tom Tom my email is [email protected] please refund my purchase price

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    Thank you Tom Tom is going to process a refund. I did have to select an option not related to a refund but the help was excellent.
    Thank you YamFazMan