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    PS - i am also unhappy that there were no TT moderators providing any info or feedback in these posts.
    The 7th post in your/this topic....
    Posted a link to the topic that Tomtom was using to reply to the Australian 2G shutdown issue
    See... https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/tomtom-traffic-live-and-other-services-47/2g-vodafone-data-shutdown-in-australia-march-2018-1032204/index1.html#post1208727

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    yamfazman / wrote - The 7th post in your/this topic....Posted a link to the topic that Tomtom was using to reply to the Australian 2G shutdown issue

    So what. - They could / should have been communicating on this forum too. This forum was more directly associated with the issues around TT informing their customer base on what was happening with 2G and advising on how they would be compensating their customers.

    Cheers, Chris
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    chrisworld_un12 :(Snip)
    So what. - They could / should have been communicating on this forum too
    Likewise : After reading the post informing you of an existing live Topic
    You could/should have realised there was a thread already running and continue the discussions there

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    :scream: Ohh yes - of course. Silly me. Why didn't I think of that???
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    I know, I know, commonsense really :relaxed:

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    I know right you're obviously pretty common. :bulb:... often referred to as a bright spark too! :boom:
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    Hey Chris,

    Did you ever get anywhere with TomTom? I have a GO6200 as well. only just over a year old now and rather useless.

    "Oh use your smartphone" they say, except there are two problems with that.

    1 My Smartphone is always connected via Bluetooth to my in car hands free stereo.
    2 Mobile signal doesn't extend to all regional areas, as the 3G/4G/LTE network doesn't extend as far as the 2G did. So since I drive a lot of regional areas, it's almost completely useless now, as I don't get things like Mobile Speed Camera updates, etc etc.

    They are playing down the fact they have completely f**ked this GPS up by stripping out core functionality. They don't respond, and simply do not care about their customer base. They KNOW that the vouchers are useless for anyone with a GO 6200, because it's already the top of the range.

    In short, it's a gigantic F YOU to the customer base who bought their latest and greatest.

    They should be offering a full refund of the purchase amount VIA CHEQUE/BANK DEPOSIT for anyone who got conned by Tom Tom.

    These devices should NEVER have been sold without a massive warning sticker of their limited use.
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    How is it Tomtoms fault your Australian Phone Service providers decided shutdown the 2G service
    As Far as I'm aware as soon as Tomtom were officially aware of the shutdown they instructed the retailers to withdraw the SIM Based Live Traffic models from sale

    Maybe your Phone Service providers will expand the coverage of the 3G/4G/LTE network to compensate for the loss of 2G coverage

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    @YamFazMan TT continue to sell these through major retailers today (and tomorrow) who until 2days ago when i brought it to their attention were totally oblivious that Traffic not working - stating they can't wait to rip their TT rep "a new one!". Simply not good enough and indefensible IMO.

    I've owned ~6 previous TT models over too many yrs. (Also had a Garmin and Navman early on) including Go 5100 (Jun2016) purchased for Lifetime Traffic + Lifetime Worldmaps - used daily - and a # of times O/S. I have 'sold' Go 5100 to many family/friends, as recently as 4mths ago!

    2. On 7Jul2018 I purchased GO 6200 NOT A WORD from Sales Rep of TRAFFIC problem (I mentioned my 5100 Traffic had stopped working but not had a min to hunt reason and needed to replace older unit anyway). I registered and updated on MyDrive - NOT A WORD indicating Traffic / 2G issue.

    How is this even ethical?
    Very very disappointed.

    As for the 50% off - disgusting - NO product in their range comes close to the fuctionality and the little I've read TT is sending you to a subscription service - exactly why i chose these products in te first place.
    I'd avoided other brands and offings such as WAZE...loyal hey.

    See 2G has planned turned off in many locations...those being critical...let's see your reaction once it is off.

    TT you knew this was coming and gone to sleep at the wheel (pun intended) you must do better by your customers or watch them churn to a competitor that cares!
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    I bought a Tom Tom Go 6200 in December 2016 and it WAS a very good SatNav bought with a Tom Tom guarantee and promise of “Lifetime Tom Tom Services” (Live Traffic, Speed Cameras, etc) “out of the box”, “via a built in SIM” with “SIM & Data included”. There were no additional data charges to be paid to receive Live Traffic.

    Now, as we all know, the 2G network in Australia has been shut down. Tom Tom’s communication with customers “Unfortunately, our network operator decided to decommission the 2G network” feigns surprise at this news. I have since researched online and found a number of articles which state the inevitable shutdown of this network.

    Vodafone itself first announced the shutdown of their 2G network in September, 2016! https://www.vodafone.com.au/media/vodafone-to-switch-off-2g-network-next-year. As I bought my Go 6200 in December, 2016 Tom Tom and the retailer in Australia were knowingly selling a redundant product at a premium price and making false claims and advertising about its “lifetime” features.

    So now what? Well, I politely contacted the retailer online (JB HiFi) with this information, my dissatisfaction and my intention to take the matter further, if necessary, with consumer affairs. Without hesitation or Tom Tom style denials of responsibility, they willingly gave me a full refund of my purchase price. I thank them and respect them for doing the right thing and will not hesitate to continue buying products from JB HiFi.

    In comparison, Tom Tom is a company which I now consider to be dishonest and unethical in its business dealings. I will never buy another Tom Tom product and will relay my experiences to who people I know.

    This is the end of the matter for me. No further posts, no replies. I wish all who are involved in this fiasco good luck. Forget about trying to deal with Tom Tom. All they care about is their profit. Go to your retailer.
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    Hi Chris
    I've just discovered this forum. I have a GO6100, bought 2 years ago because of the functionality it offered. You have summarised my perspective on this issue very well. Extremely disappointing behaviour by TT, and I had been a big fan for years with one of their early models. An article in SMH of 4 Nov 2016 states that "Telstra announced tha 2G shutdown two years ago". Anyway, where did you get to with all this?
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    Today I gave up on TT and took the approach of Unhappy 6200 owner. Got in touch with JB HiFi and after a relatively painful process received a full refund for my defunct GO6100. Can't speak highly enough of the team at JB, not just the outcome achieved, but the straightforward and professional way it was handled. Much appreciated, especially after the frustration of trying to resolve with TT!

    Thanks also to the contributors on this topic, it was all very helpful.
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    Sorry, I meant painless, not painful!
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    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick message to thanks for your help.

    I purchased a GO5100 back in June 2015. With the 2G shutdown I was no longer able to use Live Services, specifically traffic and speedcams.

    After reading this thread I sent support an online query outlining the above. After requesting proof of purchase they provided me with a voucher code worth $350 to provide a 100% discount on a new GO620. I ordered this online 15/11 and it arrived today.

    Now I can get Live Services again, albeit via my smart phone!

    Thanks again to everyone who contributed in this thread.

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    Well done Petter80! Maybe TT is finally recognising the error of their ways?
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