anyone else mad about this or is it just me???

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hi all. I bought a tomtom xl 450s back in 2011. now before everyone says "really? why complaining" hear me out. I have a perfectly good, albeit old, tomtom that I use that now I have to throw away- that cost me 200$ then. The policy at the time (which I have verification of) is that it came with Lifetime map updates (not for 5 years or until no longer supported). That was actually the sales pitch I received- "You will never have to buy another again!". Today I learned they will no longer update the tomtom and offered me a discount to get another. I called in to the US number and spoke with a guy named Rohan who at first was nice but quickly said they shouldnt be talking to me. I asked to speak to a supervisor in which he said they werent in today. Then when pressed said the supervisor, named Ajay, was to busy because of high call volume. When I asked what it is he said I could receive answers on the website then hung up. WTF?? anyone else experience something like this? Just curious as I contemplate next steps.



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    What does “lifetime” mean?
    Lifetime is the useful life of the device, which means the period of time that TomTom continues to support your device with software updates, services, content or accessories. A device will have reached the end of its life when none of these are available any more. The useful life of the smartphone app means the period of time that TomTom continues to support the app with updates.
    Lifetime Services can only be used on the device or app they have been purchased with and cannot be transferred to another TomTom device or app.

    To learn more about Lifetime TomTom Services such as Lifetime Maps, TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras, please visit....

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    jimmyapple wrote:
    I bought a TomTom xl 450s back in 2011.
    I can't find this model in TomTom's portfolio.
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    Hi jimmyapple

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I have sent a heads up to the customer service about this. So someone will be getting in touch with you and explain things.

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    I understand what Lifetime means now. When I bought it that wasnt the case. Take a look at when i registered- here is a copy of the email I received:

    Dear customer,

    Welcome to TomTom Lifetime Map Update Service.

    Congratulations! Roads change but with Lifetime Map Updates your map will always be up-to-date. Start fresh every few months by downloading a new edition of the industry's most accurate and up-to-date map. Updated versions include verified Map Share interim updates plus official road change updates, including those altered or added for new buildings, roads and communities.

    Only TomTom has the capacity to cover millions of miles and make the changes required to maintain our reputation as the leader in accurate navigation. New editions of the TomTom base map are issued every three months.

    You will receive e-mail notification when a new map is available through TomTom HOME. Login, download and go.


    TomTom Team
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    Love the word always. Doesnt mean always or until 5 years, whichever comes first.
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