Changing destination

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Sometimes after driving for a few miles, we decide to go a different way, so we change the destination. When we do this, the Tomtom greys out the address option. We have to switch the thing off and wait several minutes - maybe 15 or 20 before it will allow another address to be put in. What are we doing wrong??

We have a Tomtom model 4EN52 - it's old, but I've updated it from the computer, and it works fine. Except when we want to change the destination!

Also, it won't sound an alert to speed cameras. My original Tomtom - the basic entry level one I bought several years ago wold do that.


  • Niall
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    With the vehicle stationary, go to 'Settings' -> 'Safetysettings', disable 'Show essential menu buttons while driving'