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Since 17.301 - poor battery performance, caused by SIM always on?

dmulvdmulv Posts: 629 Superuser
Since installing the 17.301 firmware on my 5200 this week, I've noticed the battery's been struggling with keeping a charge. For example, starting up in the morning after spending the night in 'sleep' mode, and the battery's charge is at the warning level (something that's never happened before).

Initially I thought it was just a coincidence, and that the battery's worn out having been used daily since I bought the device at launch. However something else I've noticed is that the traffic connection has a link established pretty much immediately after waking up from sleep (again, this is since the update). Normally I'd expect a minute or so for the SIM to establish its connection.

Is it possible that the device is no longer shutting down the data connection when it goes to sleep, and in doing so draining the battery?


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 15,247 Superusers
    The Previous NAV4 and Latest (NAV5 WiFi) devices are quite power hungry and can go into "Power saving mode" if not supplied with enough power

    When the device is In use they are designed to be always connected to a power supply
    The Tomtom supplied Power Adapter is rated at 5Volts 1.2Amps
    Even after you have recharged the device externally via a mains charger, when in use in the vehicle, they will still require being connected to a Tomtom supplied Power Adapter (Or a proven suitable 3rd party Power adapter)

    (1)... Do NOT attach them to a dashboard USB port in your vehicle as they normally only supply 500mAmp (0.5Amp) and are for data transfer and not supplying power: See... [1]... A dashboard USB port can also fool a NAV4 Device into entering 'Updating Mode' and display the Connected to your Computer splash screen
    (2)... Using a NONE Tomtom 3rd party underpowered or a mismatched cigarette lighter charger can cause the device to go into Power Saving Mode: See[1]
    (3)... On the Models with a built-in SIM, the reduction of power to the SIM can cause the dropping of the traffic info

    Note... [1] At an (Undisclosed) percentage of battery discharge, the device will try to save its power requirements by dimming the screen and eventually powers off the device... Devices with a built-in SIM Card may also lose Live Traffic services

    As a test... Try using the Tomtom supplied cable and Tomtom supplied Power Adapter
    The Charger Adaptor and USB Cable supplied by Tomtom WILL run and charge the device at the same time

    Many 3rd party Mismatched Charger Adaptors won't run and charge the device at the same time
    See... It's not simply a power thing.....

  • dmulvdmulv Posts: 629 Superuser
    This is with the original TomTom-supplied power adapter and USB lead, hard-wired into a fuse controlled by the ignition, with the device set to go to sleep on loss of power.

    This configuration's served me well, and I've never had a problem until this week's update. Like I said, my first thought would be the battery's on the way out, until I noticed the traffic connection's also been instantly available on wake up since the update.

    And I've a sneaking suspicion the two things are connected :thinking:
  • johangjohang Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I'm having the same issue with Go 6200. Before update battery was never having a problem, immediately after update battery drains also in sleep mode.
  • miketorcymiketorcy Posts: 3,166 Superusers
    It is the same for my GO6200. When i disconnect it from the power supply, the sleep mode countdown to 1 seconds and finish so the battery is falling down very quickly. The solution i have found is to stop it by pressing the button!

    I hope like everybody to have a software solution given by tomtom!
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 543 [Revered Navigator]
    my go6200 is also now having issues after the latest update...i let it sleep after a day using it at work but when i go out to work the following day the battery has gone flat so it does a complete restart...never used to be like that so obviously down to the last update that we know absolutely nothing about as Tomtom refuse to tell us what they have fixed...or inded now broken.....again :rage:
  • bruceybrucey Posts: 166 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Add to me the club, attempted to go out earlier....turned round after about 20 minutes of going nowhere. Put my 6200 to sleep as I do every day.

    Checked my device after reading this thread and battery is empty, device now on charge and will turn off from now on until we get the next useless update.
  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,582 Superuser

    The countdown is the normal procedure if you have selected to 'switch off on disconnect' option within 'battery settings' this allows you to decide if you want to put into sleep mode.
    How long does it stay 'alive' after you have cancelled the switch off? 30 minutes + ?
  • BensmithBensmith Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I have also noted the same behaviour with my 5200, it is quite new and has always been fine for several days in sleep mode, however since the last update it will run the battery flat overnight and I have to wait for it to do a full startup each morning, please release a fixed firmware without this bug.
  • HenkdeVHenkdeV Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]

    Same problem with mine 6200 since the update. Please fix tomtom.
  • Covkid62Covkid62 Posts: 543 [Revered Navigator]
    Took them 5 years to admit that ALG didn’t work so not much chance that this will be sorted anytime soon
  • dmulvdmulv Posts: 629 Superuser
    I sincerely hope not, as this is one of those problems that adds a serious annoyance to everyday use.

    @VikramK - once the problem's been identified/fixed, is there any chance this could be applied with an out-of-schedule hotfix?
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 15,247 Superusers
    The RF shielding on my PC sound system is not very good, and I can hear the Tomtom SIM Data exchange and the Card logging in/out
    Also If you have a small portable AM Radio set to around 800kHz you can hear the SIM card Data exchange

    When you turn the device off it take the SIM card 10 seconds to logoff/Shutdown

    My NAV4/(5 Wifi) 'Live' devices appear to be Logging off 'OK' (After 10 Seconds... There's RF Silence)

    Twenty-second turn off to re-boot the SIM
    I find this useful...
    If you lose live Traffic....
    I find if I turn the device off (By the Power Button (Sleep))
    Count slowly up to say 20 seconds, and turn the device back on
    This reboots the SIM card and it’s much quicker than a Drum-roll start

  • CoolZeroCoolZero Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]

    I have the same problem. The battery is simply dying when it's in sleeping mode after the update. My fix for now is shutting down the device, instead of letting it go to sleep. (by pressing the power button a few seconds when powered on, and select poweroff / shutdown). Hopefully there will be a fix prepared for this problem. I have the 6200 model.
  • D-StreamD-Stream Posts: 140 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    [h1]Holy Crap[/h1]
    what you done to my battery its constantly going down very fast..

    In standby its gone after a few hours before it was all night it kept a charge.

    [h1]SOMETHINGS VERY WRONG with this update[/h1]
  • barry45barry45 Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Thanks for all your replies.
    I have gone through the recovery procedure and all is now working back on 17.300.
    I and lots of others are now hoping for a proper solution to the problem.

  • MarzbarMarzbar Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    As per every other comment. My GO 6200 just isn't the same since the last software update.

    Well done Tom Tom. Yet another stuff up. Can't wait for what you have install for us next.

    Happy Customer. Not Bloody likely.
  • D-StreamD-Stream Posts: 140 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Getting this a few times on shut down sticking at 1% rather than fully turning off.

    Its broken can we have a quick fix Tom Tom.

    Battery is literally flat overnight / hours previously it would go days on standby d6893118-888f-4ae8-8e5b-7b49176af68a.jpg
  • bruceybrucey Posts: 166 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Saw the same 1s error message as D-stream above last night and had to plug into usb to turn off.

    Agree a quick fix is the least you can do please.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 15,247 Superusers
    The Recovery Mode usually rolls back the update to the previous software version

    Tomtom Recovery Mode....
    FAQ & Video....

    If the previous software version was 'OK'
    When you have executed the Recovery Mode
    Don't re-update to the latest 17.301 version
    Just leave the Recovery intall at 17.3 and wait for Tomtom to announce a fix

  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 8,270 TomTom Moderator
    Hello all

    After some investigation, I have been advised to ask everyone here to try few things.

    When USB provides power to the device

    # Suspend/sleep turns off the screen but doesn't actually turn off the device.
    # When shutting down, it goes to charger mode (screen off but CPU is running).

    I.e. USB power (regardless of whether it is a PC or wall charger) considerably changes the behavior of the device.

    Could everyone please try and put the device to sleep mode or shut down when not connected to a power supply, and let me know if the battery performance is still impacted, please?

    Thank you and regards
  • D-StreamD-Stream Posts: 140 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    I am allowing the device when I turn the car engine off to shut itself down. I take it off amount and bring it into the house. It is instantaneously turning on the very millisecond the power is reapplied. It wasn’t this quick before and something has now changed. It is like you’re not allowing the device to go into full sleep mode to fix the advanced lane guide bug. Which was caused by the device going into sleep mode and not coming out correctly
  • dmulvdmulv Posts: 629 Superuser
    For the developers to come back with questions like that is a little frustrating, as this is a problem that's affecting everyone using the 17.301 firmware and can be reproduced at will. Do they not have a couple of 5200s kicking about somewhere for them to perform their own analysis on? It also reeks of familiar tactics used to buy time.

    Anyway, rant over. Just to add to D-Stream's comment, if I manually shut down at the end of the journey (triggering a full boot at the next power up) I don't get any battery problems.

    If I don't shut down and let the device go to sleep, I'll get battery problems the next time I use it.

    As D-Stream suggests, it's as if it's only going into partial sleep mode and consuming too much power in the process. Certainly the first area I'd be looking at is the data connection, as that now appears instantly established on wake-up.
  • miketorcymiketorcy Posts: 3,166 Superusers
    Getting this a few times on shut down sticking at 1% rather than fully turning off.

    Its broken can we have a quick fix Tom Tom.

    Battery is literally flat overnight / hours previously it would go days on standby d6893118-888f-4ae8-8e5b-7b49176af68a.jpg

    I have the same message, but in french, with the same mistake (the "S" at the end of seconds.
  • D-StreamD-Stream Posts: 140 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    To be honest I’m at a complete loss why we have to find out what the issue is. Your developers added the code they know what code they added what they changed from this version to the last version. It’s quite obvious it’s that because when you roadwork you don’t have the problem . It’s not rocket science. If you leave it shutdown standby it absolutely destroys the battery. If you turn it off it doesn’t. It’s not turning off and sticking at 1% at times. It didn’t do this before the update. I believe I have the answer under various bug fixes and improvements even you don’t know what you fixed or you added.
  • D-StreamD-Stream Posts: 140 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    I’ll make it really simple. It’s the easiest reproducible bug in the world. If you remove it from the power and allow it to go to sleep on the countdown it’s not turning off. When you reconnect it back to power it’s on instantaneously. If you press the button in the back and press sleep it shuts off . If you reconnect the power then it takes five seconds to 6 seconds to come back on. If you remove it from the power and allow it to shut down itself it will in lots of occasions hang at 1%. What more do they need. That’s it that’s the bug.
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