How to change orientation of screen display on Start 60?

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Since I last upgraded to the latest maps and GPS on my Start 60, the screen display has inverted, which renders it unusable. It normally sits on a weighted platform on the console under the windscreen of my car, and it would not work for me if it were fixed to the windscreen, which is possible in the new configuration. The question is how to change back to the original display orientation with the bottom of the display screen closest to the suction pad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • YamFazMan
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    See Tomtom Video....

    Insert the mount in from the opposite side of the device

    Later devices use a different mount....
    See Tomtom Video....

  • BrookeShelford
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    Thanks for this. I watched the video sequences that you kindly provided, but my Start 60 is an older version which does not incorporate a release button on the back. I also went through the process of resetting the device, advised in a previous forum contribution about one year ago. That didn't work either. My current solution is to hack the triangular weighted platform (don't know the technical word) to remove one of the pods and go from there with the Start 60 upside-down form its previous orientation. Thanks again for your advice.