How to sync my TomTom HR monitor to my watch?

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Hey guys,

I recently purchased a new TomTom Sports GPS Runner Watch, and I am having trouble syncing the HR monitor belonging to my old watch, which I unfortunately broke by dropping it.

I purchased the item on Amazon, and it's recommended additional purchases included the HR monitor I own. Therefore I assume it's possible.

Here's the exact watch, shall you require further details



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    That watch is four years old and has been discontinued for years. You should have considered getting one of the three later generations of watches, which have much better features. You did not state what your existing HR monitor is, but if it is BT+ it should work. Make sure it is not already paired with another device like your phone before trying to sync it.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Four years old and discontinued for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????
    You know what will put TomTom out of business? These arrogant replies, if this is coming from TomTom. If its not from TomTom, I will just ignore it... Why not putting upgrades and features out as a paid options? I just use TomTom products and just bought 2 x Runner3's for me and my daughter. I like TomTom products, but their attitude sucks. I heard that TomTom sport watches are discontinued, but do you think I can get a reply, or somebody from TomTom that want to reply on this??? No ways. I also have a TomTom GPS that cannot update anymore???? Why don't you tell this to people before they buy??? What is the use of buying a product that can last 10 years but is useless after 5 years??? Because of this, I just convince a group of people in my Parkrun group to rather buy another brand. TomTom = Arrogance