Lifetime Maps? for Via 225

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I have a Tom Tom Via 225 and just updated my device.
I noted a message as per below:
"TomTom has stopped selling map updates and other services for this device"
I have a life time map service.

My question is, will that continue?


  • Jun T
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    I am using VIA 220, a pretty old device which I brought it in about 4 years ago and I recently receive End of Life notice that my device is no longer able to update.
    I am lifetime map subscriber and I understand that "Lifetime" is more of a gimmick than fact, and I understand that TomTom won't make money if a they sell device can last forever.
    As an Australia based driver, I seriously doubt that why they ban 2GB devices since I checked all the map updates so far were about 300 MB only. Now the software shows that my current device has 1.1 GB space left. What makes TomTom stop our service now? Are they going to issue 2 GB map in the next update?
    If the updates I installed are most likely 1 GB, I admit I need a new device. But after I checked the actual map size, I am pissed.
    I see there are plenty of room to continue our map services, I doubt if TomTom's can justified their move simply claiming 2 GB device is not sufficient while the maps are about 300 MB. 10 steps back, TomTom should think of providing a "By Region" option. Doesn't matter that I can narrow down my service in one or two states (say NSW & VIC).
  • pauljloz
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    As an Australian customer I suggest you assert your consumer rights and ask for a full refund given Tomtom was misleading and deceptive when it induced you to purchase a product with lifetime support.

    The technical reasons given are complete BS given the models that have continued support.

    Oh - and don't give them another cent.
  • Pando06
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    I just had a similar problem. However my original device had been replaced under warranty and the Lifetime Maps had not been transferred across. Called TomTom help on 1300 135 604 ( 9 - 5 Mon-Fri) and they transferred. Problem solved. Suggest that you get your serial number (on sticker behind where cord plugs in) and give them a ring and explain your problem. They sorted mine in quick time.