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Hello, I use your clock TomTom Runner 3 after the update when I turn on the swim mode and swim a kilometer the clock shows that I swam less every time I count How many tracks did I swim my pool 25 m I swim 40 more expensive it turns out the kilometer and the clock shows less by three four tracks I have the latest version of the software I'm putting constantly updating my clock through the tone-tone application through the volume-support in the browser Please tell me how to solve this problem I used to have a clock they just showed the number of tracks that sailed if I swam 40 kilometers of tracks or not, and showed


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    Your best bet is to search the forums for "swim accuracy”, "stroke counting" and the like and you will find dozens of threads regarding this. In a nutshell, it is not your settings, it is the algorithm combined with the many variables that come into play swimming and it is somewhat accurate for some and wildly inaccurate for others (and sometimes both depending on the day). Miscounting laps is common with most swim watches to some extent. It is using an accelerometer to try and figure out when you are reaching for the wall to turn, but you need a very strong turn to trigger it. It also counts after the first turn, so the total is the laps completed so it will always be one short until the end. It is likely you did not register the final lap as you probably coasted to the wall. Make sure on the final lap that you have a strong finishing motion so it registers the movement. It may be worthwhile to simply turn on the final lap and then stop so it registers the turn and hence the lap. You also need to be consistent in your stroke (freestyle works best), do not pause or slow at all mid-lap, among other things. It counts strokes in the same way it counts laps, by the accelerometer, so any variation in stroke may cause it to miss a stroke. Just like with lap counting, it is meant to give a rough estimate, it will never give you a perfect count, the technology just isn't there yet. If you search for swim accuracy or swimming laps and similar phrases on the forums you will see plenty of posts on it with a lot of suggestions to improve it (more than I can repeat here).

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