iPad postcode search practically useless

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Since the update(ios) in december on ipad, the postcode search is now next to useless. Finds very few postcodes, if any. It used to be great, a match for google maps. This is also true of the mydrive website route planner, but this has always been bad for searching postcodes.
Searches on devices are all ok, but i like to plan my route from ipad as its easier as I have 12-18 jobs a day and like to visualize my route. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall but it is actually the way in which it searches that seems to be the issue as I am not alone with this from what Ive read.

any hints will be appreciated..


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    Hi bry25,

    Could you please post examples of postcodes which used to work fine and now won't? This way we can report it to the right team, thanks!
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    The following are from a days load of 14 addresses, as you can imagine this IS NOT a good hit rate. It used to be perfect on my iPad. Right 99.9% of the time. now its appalling. i'd enter postal codes, rearrange them, then send to device. Now, on the few occasions it does actually recognise one, in the list it removes the postal code and gives the road name. The old way of showing postal codes in the destination list was perfect.

    ip327hx - shows places but no location
    ip286lf - shows places but not location
    ip311qa - incorrect location
    ip311de - incorrect location
    ip311dt - incorrect location
    ip311bp - incorrect location
    ip311bz - incorrect location
    Can i possibly roll-back my update to have the previous installed version?????
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    [h3]up until the v1.13.0 update all was great. the update of "improved search" is what seems to have screwed it up!!!![/h3]
    i want v1.12.1 back!!!!!

    [h3]Version History[/h3][h4]1.13.0[/h4]
    • Nov 20, 2017
    • - Improved search: When you search for destinations, the app now gives faster, more relevant results, and handles typos much better. Also addresses and points-of-interest are now combined into one clear list of search results.

    • - Improved POI handling: When you add a point-of-interest to a route, the app now displays and stores its name instead of its address.
    • Oct 2, 2017
    • Bug fixes and improvements.
    • Aug 30, 2017
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    • - Multi-vehicle routing: Get customised routes for cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

    • - Thrilling routes: Pick the level of windiness and hilliness.