TomTom runner 2 firmware sources

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Can you please provide the sources of your firmware?
In this way all of the users that are requesting you to implement the basic functionality of the GPS altitude, can do it by themselves.

It's incredible how you are not listening to your customer questions... even if the addition will be really simple!

Not listening to customers needs took your reputation on these devices very down! All of the other brands provide the GPS altitude...
Come on!


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    They are not going to provide links to the firmware sources as they want to have control over the distribution. Ideally they want everyone on the same firmware to maximize support efforts, but in this case they are putting people with issues back to earlier versions and keeping track internally of which version they are on. so they know who needs to be upgraded in the future. If people could pout whatever version they want on they would lose that control.

    Since TomTom has left the wearables market altogether and is not selling new watches, they really don't need to worry about their reputation for sports watches. They are not going to add new features like GPS altitude (which has been established is not accurate enough in their opinion), as this would be throwing money away. It will not gain them any new customers or revenue to pay for itself. At this point the best we are going to get is bug fixes, if that. We may not like it, but it is reality. Companies don't spend money on dead products and customer loyalty has very little value.

    In any case, TomTom will not comment on planned or future updates publicly (here or elsewhere) so we will just have to wait and see.

    I imagine this is not what you were hoping to hear but let me know if this answered your question. If it did, please mark it as a solution so other can look for it if they have the same question.