My Sport Watch TomTom Runner does not update

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Good morning in Portugal
My sports tone tom tom runner, since June 2017 coinciding with the update of MY Drive connect, no longer download the data to the Helpdesk's and I can not use it in the cycling or athletics data log. Just watch the time. I try to remove this data through the Smartphone but it refers to the deprecation of quickgps. Is it a USB cable problem? However the charge of energy is realized. I try to connect the equipment and it does not recognize. It's true that I've already questioned the brand and even today they have not answered me yet.
Thank you
Alfredo Oliveira,
Viana do Castelo, Portugal


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    You should be using MySports not MyDrive, so that may be the issue. You need to be running MySports Connect (download it from Also look at the cable and check for frayed wires or if any of the pins are bent or deformed or if the contacts on the watch area worn. This will prevent it from getting a data connection while still allowing it to charge.

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