Problem with MyDrive Connect version on Windows 10

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I was running on my Windows 10 PC without any problem.

After the automated update to, the app would no longer work. I uninstalled everything (device + program), restarted the computer, reinstalled 4.2.0 but no dice. Still not working.

I uninstalled everything again, reinstalled Cancelled the automated update and managed to get 4.1.7 started. I was then able to update my Rider 400.

This suggests that there must be a problem with version 4.2.0 of the software.


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    I have the same issues with windows 7 but couldn't stay on 4.1.7 long enough to turn off automatic updates before the 4.2 update pop up appeared
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    Hi all

    I have posted a comment advising some troubleshooting steps on this discussion topic

    Closing this topic to keep all the similar discussion under one hub.

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