Voice coach on Runner 3

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Hey, I have the runner 3 music cardio and was wondering if the watch gave you stat updates through the headphones or you have to scroll through the watch as you run. Thanks


  • tfarabaugh
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    Voice coaching is only available in specific training modes, not in general across the watch. You will get the following prompts:

    General prompts:
    Watch ready, Demo mode, Bluetooth not working when swimming.

    Training Partner prompts:
    Zone: in zone, above zone, below zone.
    Goal: at 50%, 90% 100% and 110% of goal.
    Race: ahead, behind, lost, won.

    So unless you are in Zone, Goal or Race you will not get any prompts. In lap mode it will buzz to inform you of a completed lap and show the lap time on the watch but there are no audio prompts for it.

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