Golfer 2 SE watch stuck

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My watch is stuck on the 'Connect to Computer' screen. I have tried all the recommended resets including the factory reset. Each time at the end of the course update it state there is a problem with this watch and the whole update process must start again with the same end result.

Does anyone have a fix for this apart from 'Update the watch again' ?

At the moment this watch of less than 2 months old is useless.

In addition how can I send it back for repair? The Tom Tom web site does not have any information on how to do this.


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    I did yet another 'Power Off' reset which results in the watch switching itself off.

    To switch it on again either reconnect or hold any direction until it switches on.

    I opted not to reconnect (what with all the problems I have had) and powered on by holding the right switch until it started.

    Much to my amazement it now works OK. Unbelievable, but what a performance over 3 days trying to get to this point.

    I am going to uninstall Tom Tom Sports connect (POS) from my PC and only use the docking port to charge it. I do not want updates or course reloads (nearly 2 hours last time).

    Hope this may be helpful to others with a similar problem. Seems to be plenty on this discussion group that I have seen.

    Just in time I have a winter league doubles match tomorrow and now I can use my watch.