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I get notifications from phonecall but I dont get sms notifications
from my Iphone 6 on the spark 3 cardio watch
Can I and if, how do I manage get it ?


  • tfarabaugh
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    All you will get for notifications are those from the native phone and text apps, not third-party apps (like Facebook messenger or What's App). And all you get is single notification alert on a single screen, you cannot scroll through to recall missed ones or interact with it in any way. It essentially just telling you to look at your phone. You may just be missing them or there may be a compatibility issue with your phone. If a factory reset of the watch does not fix it, it is likely you juts won't get them.

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    Alerts are intermittent, so don’t get your hopes up. I’ve had to have support roll back my latest update just for the runner 3 to pair. And even then, it only syncs workouts and heart data.

    They offer a 14 return for refund. I’m guessing they know the watch’s are rubbish for alerts but it’ll take 2 weeks to get support to even start to answer so they have made money anyway.

    i can safely say, I’ll never buy a third one.