Go App will not load on Brand New Samsung Galaxy S7

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I have a brand new Samsung S7. Installed the Go app and it will not load. It will not get past the spinning circle.

I have done what the support team suggested, to delete the cache, data and navapp files, uninstall and then reinstall the app. This does not work. No change, just the spinning circle.

They suggested removing the battery after deleting the app, but they should know that the battery is not removable.

The support team say it could be due to:-
* a wrongly formatted SD card - but there isn't one in the phone
* using a map that is too large - but I haven't even got to the stage of installing any map.

I have asked them for something else to try, but so far they have just repeated the same recommended actions, which I have tried several times and they do not work.

Has anyone else got something else that might work?