Speed Camera Updates Inaccurate GO 5200

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Hi All
Am I alone in finding the recent updates for the GO5200 for Australia have suddenly removed existing fixed camera that have been in operation for many years? I live in the Canberra area and regularly travel and have found that the existing fixed cameras in my local area have been removed. I have reported them via the device over a number of months and they are still missing from any and all updates for the last three months at least.
There are some speed averaging cameras on the Barton Hwy and the Hume Hwy that have existed for well over 2 years and they have never been added to the list.
What do I have to do to get these important errors corrected??


  • Warwickmc
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    The latest updates seem to have fixed the problem finally, good work. Still have the issue of situation with speed averaging cameras. Advised they are for trucks only, but do find that hard to believe as there is no mention on signage on them anywhere. The one on the Barton Hwy is definitely not focused on trucks, as this is not a route used by them very often.
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    I use the GO/5200 in our transporter, is TOM TOM going to put these avg speed cameras for NSW in the system, I use the TOM TOM a lot and rely on it most of the time for correct speed limits and cameras all over Australia and find it great especially when avg cameras are picked up (QLD) but not on the Pacific HWY NSW.
    Thank you