How to measure my first sprint triathlon event?

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Recently bought a Spark 3 HRM. Next Sunday I am participating my first Triathlon event, sprint category. Can someone please share how to measure 750 metres of swimming, 20 kms of cycling and 5 kms of running?


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    To do that you would need to buy a triathlon watch, which the Spark is not and has never been. It is a MultiSport device, meaning it measures multiple sports, several of which happen to be part of a triathlon but it is not a triathlon watch. It cannot do multiple sports in one activity, nor can it do transitions. This has never been the desired market for the device and there is no plans or interest in pursuing this (or any market for that matter since TT has left the wearables business and stopped producing devices). Your only option is to start the swim recording, stop and save when done, then start and record the cycle, and then start and record the run. You will have three different activities but they will all be recorded. if you use Strava or another platform, you can take the three data files from TT and combine them in a third party tool and then upload that file to Strava and you will get what appears to be a single recording of your triathlon (but it will not have the transitions in it).

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Thanks a lot.
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    You could also just run the watch in Freestyle mode. It's not perfect, since the swimming piece will be completely hit or miss, but the cycling and run sections should work out OK. You'd have to look at the workout data and figure out yourself where the different disciplines and transitions started/ended, but it would at least all be in one record.

    I've done this is in a few events, particularly ones with open water swims, and even though the Spark is NOT designed for open water swimming, I've found it to be good enough for my purposes.

    Hope this helps and good luck in your race!