MyDrive app road trip cannot send route to device | GO 5200

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I have a tomtom 5200 and I wanted to send on of the trip advisor route from Tomtom mydrive app to my device, the problem is that the option is grayed.

Very frustrating I tried to make it work for 30 min thinking it was the Bluetooth link but it seems that's not the case.

Why doesn't it work ? Products limitations? Isn't the 5200 with the 6200 top of range ?


  • mk400
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    Hi I have the same problem with my Go 5200. I cannot send route from the app. It works with browser version.
    Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.
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    I am assuming the app is on your mobile?
    Are you able to install the TomTom Drive Connect on a PC?
    If so, using the MyDrive route map, can you 'add' routes to 'My Places' then send the destination to your device?
    I would be intrested if it works as it is not working on my new Via52?