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I have a new Tomtom Tracker and I've just started to use Tomtom Sports App. When I practice sport, I use to register and sync activity. Later on, I choose the sport hd done. Some of the sports I practice are not available on the list. Is it possible to add new sports and/or customise the list? Thanks!!


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    They are not adding any more sports modes, that is what they added Freestyle and gym modes for. Freestyle is for any GPS enabled non-core activities and Gym for non-GPS enabled activities. If they start adding sports modes then you may want equestrian sports and I may want football and someone else may want paddle sports, this is why then went with the generic Freestyle. The existing sports also tie into the lifetime totals on MySports. If they add more sports modes they would also need to redesign all of MySports to capture them.

    TT has left the wearables industry and is no longer producing new devices, so I would not expect much beyond bug fixes go forward as they devices are now legacy products. They will likely support what they have but not add anything new. Essentially the devices are what they are at this point and we are going to have to live with them as the are.

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