Activity not on PC or exported to external apps

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I have a TomTom Adventurer watch. I completed a hike activity today and connected the watch with the PC. The Sports Connect stuck on Sync, so I disconnected the watch and reconnected it. The activity appears on the TomTom Sports website, but has not been exported to external apps and when I look on the PC, there is no folder for today's activity. Reconnecting the watch does not fix the issue. The activity appears on the watch log, but the storage shows as empty on the watch About screen, so I think the detail has been deleted from the watch.

This hasn't happened before, but I did recently change the file export options to include .kml & .gpx and this is the first sync since then.

Are there any known issues exporting to .kml & .gpx, and is there a way to get the data onto the PC and exported to external apps from the TomTom Sports website?


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    I had the same problem today, although in my case I used the phone app. Activity is on TomTom Sports website but did not export to strava.

    I then deleted the activity from the website and tried re-uploading the ttbin file from PC (after copying the ttbin file from the phone to the PC). I then see the same effect as in the first post (activity is back on the website but did not export to strava nor to a local folder on the PC).
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    It seems that the third party links were down for a while today but is back up. It should show up eventually, as they queue all activities and upload them when the link comes back up. If it does not just export a fit file from MySports and then manually import it.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.