Spark 3 Problem I will not try to solve

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Hi everybody. After just 40 days of use with my new TomTom Spark 3, and suffering the continuous disconnections (some really hard to solve) and trying to imagine my real pace speed while my new sport watch with gps is lying with a totally frustrated pace speed (pace that it could calculate more accurately as it just do it every km)...

Well, now my watch seems to be frustrated with the delicate treatment I gave it (no water, no knocks, no let it fall to 0% battery...) and its screens decided to die as you could see in the next video.


No words about how I feel. No words about how much angry I am at this moment.
Just to say that I'll return this watch and buy a truly reliable brand.

Bye bye, TomTom.


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    Since TT has left the wearables market and is not producing any new watches that would be a wise move.