TomTom Runner 3 / Sports Connect Not updating Strava - Anyone else seeing this?

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Hello All,

My Tom Tom Runner 3 / Sports Connect is failing to update Strava. Anyone know of any 'Cloud' issues going on, unto now its been rock-solid.

I have tried deleting / re-connecting the Strava app within Tom Tom Sports 'Apps & Exporting' with no Joy.

It was my First 2018 Run.... Any help would be grateful, trying to kick this year off.




  • peterkuli
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    Hi Brino!

    I'm having the same issue, also today my first activity of 2018. I've connected MySports to Stava and Runkeeper, it worked for nearly 4 years but today it didn't upload to any of those 2.
    It did upload to the MySports site though...

    Strange thing is that the Connect app (I use the app on Windows, version 1.8.52) reported in the settings that I needed to re-upload the activity (apparenty the apps 'thinks' it didn't upload to the MySports site but it did).

    Also strange thing is the fact that I don't have any data files (.fit, .tcx, .ttbin) of the activity of this morning.

    As a workaround, I've downloaded the activity from MySports (you need to find the share button and download the .fit file) and uploaded it to Strava.

    If anyone of TomTom support reads this, technical info:
    TomTom Sport Connect app (Windows) version 1.8.52
    OS: Windows 10 Pro, version 10.0.16299 Build 16299, 64-bit
  • Brino
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    Thanks Peterkuli for the quick response, and also for cutting through the noise on how to simply download a file and upload to Strava whilst we await whats going on with the Cloud.

    Happy New Year !

  • Moomin123
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    Yes same here - it might catch up in the next few hours
  • Mr A.R.
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    Same issue here also - it's annoying!
  • pbaum
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    Me too! With both Runkeeper and Strava.

    EDIT: mine finally went through. Seems to be working now!
  • Richard Wells
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    I had the same connectivity problem tonight between Strava and my new TomTom Spark 3. You can update individual TomTom Activity information to Strava directly from your phone without connecting to your PC computer. The step-by-step work-around on my Android phone is:
    1. Google "MySports TomTom"
    2. Log-in
    3. Click on 3 parallel bars on top left
    4. "Activities"
    5. Click on the Activity that is not uploading
    6. Click "Share"
    7. Download as .fit file
    8. Close MySports TomTom
    9. Open Strava
    10. Go to "Settings" in Strava
    11. "Link other Services"
    12. "Connect Device to Strava"
    13. "See more Devices" at bottom
    14. "How to Get your Activities to Strava"
    15. "Upload a file from your computer"
    16. Click on the Strava File uploader link
    17. Login-in to this Strava Link
    18. It's crazy tiny print. Make it bigger so you won't go blind.
    19. "Choose files"
    20. "documents"
    21. click on the .fit file you just downloaded
    22. Click arrow at top to download it.
    23. Wait about 30 seconds and view it.