Strava sync workaround

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I posted this in another thread but thought I’d start a separate one to make it easier to find.

Here is an Apple iOS workaround until they fix this issue:
  • sync watch to tomtom phone app
  • login to tomtom sports website on phone
  • select activity and click on share. Select .gpx file and save to iCloud Drive or somewhere else in Files (e.g. Dropbox)
  • login to Strava webpage and select icon in top right corner that looks like a plus sign in a circle, choose ‘upload file’ option and select saved gpx file
  • fill in run details and save
  • run should now appear as usual in Strava
not ideal but at least I know I haven’t lost the data for my 11 mile run this morning! :grinning:
im guessing there is a similar fix for android but I don’t have one to check.


  • Richard Wells
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    Here is the work-around for Android. I had the same connectivity problem tonight between Strava and my new TomTom Spark 3. You can update individual TomTom Activity information to Strava directly from your phone without connecting to your PC computer. The step-by-step work-around on my Android phone is:
    1. Google "MySports TomTom"
    2. Log-in
    3. Click on 3 parallel bars on top left
    4. "Activities"
    5. Click on the Activity that is not uploading
    6. Click "Share"
    7. Download as .fit file
    8. Close MySports TomTom
    9. Open Strava
    10. Go to "Settings" in Strava
    11. "Link other Services"
    12. "Connect Device to Strava"
    13. "See more Devices" at bottom
    14. "How to Get your Activities to Strava"
    15. "Upload a file from your computer"
    16. Click on the Strava File uploader link
    17. Login-in to this Strava Link
    18. It's crazy tiny print. Make it bigger so you won't go blind.
    19. "Choose files"
    20. "documents"
    21. click on the .fit file you just downloaded
    22. Click arrow at top to download it.
    23. Wait about 30 seconds and view it.