Activity doesn't sync with TomTom Sports Connect

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Hi there,

I just bought a TomTom Spark 3 and I used it for the first time today. Unfortunately, the activity is not uploading in TomTom Sports Connect at my laptop (so I can't share it with Strava). However, the activity is available in the Mysports app and on website.. I tried to upload is via the option button, but it is not working either..

Anyone familiar with this problem and/or knows how to fix this?

Thank you!


  • Edo7
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    I've just had the same problem one hour ago. The windows app got stuck when it was synchronizing an activity. I clicked on the settings option to transfer again but nothing happened. I tried doing another activity so the watch could transfer both but it's stuck again.

    I also can see the activity on the app and on the website, but no ttbin file on the computer and the activity hasn't been exported to endomondo and strava as usual, does anyone know what we can do?

  • Edo7
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    I've just seen on the other forum that a lot of people are having the same problem in the last hours
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    mine has been working fine but updated software Friday & now doesn't sync with my other running apps. Anybody know how long this has been happening?
  • teamsawatzky
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    I thought it was just me - glad to see I'm not the only one having problems!
    I've uninstalled/reinstalled both Tomtom Sports and Strava, and it's still not taking my run information over to Strava.
    Any advice?
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    This is just sheer nuisance of having a TomTom. App starts random behavior without any warnings. Just had a beautiful clean tempo run after months, but google search bought me to this page! Same issue, hopefully TomTom is working to fix this global issue with another patch at some urgency and we don't loose our stuck activity