Can't Stay Connected to MyDrive Connect / VIA 1505M ?

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Running My Drive Connect on a notebook computer with Windows 10. My Via 1505M connects with no problem. However, after about 20 or 30 seconds it disconnects without warning. I repeatedly re-connected the device and each time it disconnected after a brief period of time.
I also use a desktop running Windows 7 but do not have the same problem there. Any help appreciated.


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    Is the cable the one that came with the device? Is it firmly connected to both the device and the computer?

    Anything here?:

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    Yes to both questions.
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    I found my answer.
    The culprit is the USB Selective Suspend Setting. If this is enabled, it allows Windows to “suspend” the USB port in order to save power and prolong battery life. When the port is suspended the GPS is disconnected from the computer.
    The problem with many laptop computers is that the USB Settings have been removed from the Power Options menu which was the case with my Asus notebook. Apparently MS and/or the device manufacturer do not want the user to be able to change this setting.
    If your computer shows the USB Settings, just change the USB Selective Suspend to “disabled”. If your computer does not show this option then you will need to make a simple registry change (from 1 to 0). This article explains the registry change.
    Once the registry change is made the USB Settings will show in the menu. Go to Hardware & Sound>Power Options>Advanced Settings>USB Settings>USB Selective Suspend Setting and change to disabled.
    Someone who is smarter than I suggested that TomTom could fix this problem by modifying their driver.

    This from one of the articles I accessed:
    USB Selective Suspend
    If you are new to this term, let it be cleared that it is not a newly added feature of Windows 10. It exists in Windows since the launch of Windows XP and continues to be there in all the later editions of Windows. Back to the explanation, this feature acts as a good power saver. This feature grants the hub driver to eliminate (or suspend) a particular port keeping the other available ports of the hub on a safe side. The suspension of a particular port will not disturb the other presented USB ports. And so it is normal that the gadget(s) affixed to the eliminated port also gets disabled. And it is here when you can save the power of your laptop or tablet that unnecessarily consumes so much of power with these active ports.
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    LIFE SAVER! This is the only thing that worked for me and my device is successfully updating now. Thanks so much for figuring this out!!