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Storage Full (Golf Watch)

PHILJRIPHILJRI Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
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Has anyone information on solution for Storage Full Issue? I've tried everything including Factory Reset?


  • bl2bl2 Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    I have the same issue with the TomTom golfer watch I just bought. I thought I had a very good deal since it was much cheaper than the new version.
    After doing some conclusive tests, I decided to do a factory reset. Unfortunately, the latest version of TomTom Sports Connect does not seem to be compatible with this "old" watch. Indeed, my watch has received far too much data and it began to say "Strorage full" while I have not play a single round of golf!
    Of course, a new factory reset does not solve the problem.

    I wrote to the TomTom customer care and after 6 days of waiting, the response was to perform a factory reset when I had already told that I had done it yet and it did not solve anything at all. After a week of more waiting, I have not yet had any replies despite 2 reminders. So, not only do they not read carefully what one writes, but in addition they take an eternity to answer!
  • GjBeesGjBees Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    I got this issue after I factory reset my watch. I did this as my home course just disappeared from my watch. But since I did the factory reset I get 'Storage full' and 'QuickGPS' does not up date. I am currently doing my 6th factory reset. I don't hold out much hope other than returning the watch and buying one which works. I was told factory reset takes 5 minutes or so, and it does, but updating courses takes nearly 2 hours. That's if it finishes!
  • bl2bl2 Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    Moderator Vikram wrote : "The storage low error on the Golfer is a known issue. We have an open ticket which is under investigation with our technical team. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm on an estimated time for a fix at the moment so we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this is causing. "

    I hope that TomTom Customer Service will stop advising to perform a factory reset and focus on fixing their bugs quickly!
  • GjBeesGjBees Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    as I thought. bugs. the 6th reset failed also.
    here's my original post with my comments. the watch initially lost my home course. that's how this all started.
  • bl2bl2 Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    Thank you @GjBees !
    I am having the exact "CAN'T FIND QUICKGPS" issues.
    As you said: so what next?
  • GjBeesGjBees Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    What next? If TomTom doesn't fix it very soon, I'll take it back, get my money back and buy some other manufacturer's product.
  • GjBeesGjBees Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    @bl2 I cannot find the post by Vikramk re: storage issue being a known issue. did it get deleted?
  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,892

    Did you click on the "wrote" link in reply by bl2 ?
  • sbmarbellasbmarbella Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    There is only one thing to do, return it.
    I got the watch as a christmas present and was not able to use it once.
    As there is no one able to tell us when the problem will be solved.
    What a shame, i realy liked that watch
  • RKGJoondalupRKGJoondalup Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    I had the Watch full notification 2 months back. I followed the advice to reset the watch and then let the system update with new registration, SW and courses. It worked fine. I have now recently had the same issue, but the fix no longer works. I suggest TOMTOM rolls back their software to a previous version that works. I noticed that latest exe file was much smaller that previous versions, so there has been obvious change
  • bl2bl2 Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    I returned it and as they can not repair it, they refunded me.
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