My TomTom with speed delivery still hasn't been delivered

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I'm from the Netherlands and I ordered a TomTom VIA 52 EU45. With speed delivery this costed me an extra almost 9 euros. I ordered it before 17:00 at around 15:45. Yet tomtom hasn't send me message it just says its being handeled.

Today i tried to e-mail them on their site, but the button which sends the message doesn't work and just loops around. Then i tried calling them at 17:15 when their customer support says they are reachable to 17:30 and i get the 'Sorry tomtom customer support is closed right now'. This is just really bad managing and i've read about people with similiar problems. I hope the furom with at least give me some advice as to what to do since i really need the tomtom for my new job.


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    Well, if you don't receive the item by Monday, you'll need to call again.