Same issue re: just stops recording

Aitch JayBee
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i bought my TomTom Bandit last November as I birthday present to myself. I’ve only just started to use and disappointed that it just stops recording without me touching it. The first time it stopped and started again on its own with two separate recordings on the memory card. This looks like an inherent issue after reading other people’s experiences. If someone can recommend a memory card that works well I’ll give it another chance before I send it back for a refund. Thanks in advance.


  • fazhen
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    Hi Aitch,

    I personally use a SanDisk Ultra 128gb class 10, and I never had any problem. You can also find a list of compatible MicroSD cards here:

    I am personally satisfied with the Bandit, but it really depends on how you are going to use it (I use it just for holidays trips). Good luck!
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    Aitch - just saw your other post ('My camera records in loops') where you mentioned that your camera stops recording every 20 minutes and then restarts. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious here, but I assume you're aware that your camera records a maximum file size of 4.1 GB - at which point it just creates a new file and continues recording? The recording time will vary depending on the resolution setting. I get about 15 min at 2.7k.

    That said, if your camera actually stops recording altogether, then you do have a problem. I've been plagued by occasional and seemingly random stoppages - really annoying when you're on a motorbike and can't see that the camera's no longer recording. Tried a number of different (including high-end) SD cards, without any luck - don't waste your money. The only thing I found that reduced the likelihood of a stoppage was having a freshly formatted card in the camera.
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    I have also a problem I have a SanDisk Ultra 128gb class 10 and when there are 4 files of about 4 gig are on the disk, the other files cannot be read. I did a format in the Bandit.
    Any Idee. I had the plan taking movies on my long bike rides, but that seems not possible.