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Hi experienced TomTom users!

I am the happy recipient of a Spark 3 cardio for Christmas and am enjoying learning how to use it. However, I am keen to understand more about the heart rate aspect. I understand one of the most important ways to ward off dementia is to do 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise and I want to measure whether I am doing this. The British Heart Foundation says that this is 50 to 70% of my maximum heart rate, which (as I am 60) is 80 to 112 bpm. The TomTom manual says that it calibrates its easy/fatburn/endure/perform and peak levels according to age. However, I can't seem to find endure featuring at all on my first run, and fat burn (described in the manual as moderate) is over 100, not over 80. Also, I see from the manual that I can adjust the settings on my Tomtom Connect app, but I can't find the settings, let alone adjust them and the manual doesn't explain how to do this.

In my ideal world, the goal I enter in the watch would be 150 minutes at endure per week, but I can't see a way to programme this. Has anyone come up with an approximation for this using weekly or daily goals?

I am a bit disappointed that I can't measure heart rate when swimming - is there an extra gismo I could buy that would let me do this?

Also, if anyone plays tennis, can you confirm that I should be using the freestyle setting for this.

Many thanks in anticipation for you help.


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    You set your HR zones on the MySports website. there is no way to track weekly or daily goals for time spent in a specific HR zone.

    You cannot get HR during swimming and there is nothing you can get to enable it. BT does not travel through water so only a built-in sensor will work. If you use Freestyle mode you will get HR (but accuracy may not be great) but will lose swim metrics.

    Freestyle or Gym will work for tennis. They both measure HR and calories based on HR. The distance travelled based on GPS will not be accurate in Freestyle as with all the back and forth motion it will not get a clean recording.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.