No power-START 55

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Part way through a trip it just stopped. When I connect to the computer the green light on the bottom comes on, but the computer says that no device is connected. It will not come on when I push the 'start' button.


  • Niall
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    Your START 55 is designed to be powered by your vehicle throughout your journey.
    Are you using a USB port in your vehicle?
    As the USB ports in your vehicle provides only 0.5Amps whereas your device should have 1.2Amps to run AND charge the battery. With a vehicle USB port the reduced power means that the device tries to save it's power requirements by dimming the screen, then it sleeps.
    Try plugging the original cable into the original cigarette lighter charger, does it then keep sleeping?
  • EWD
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    I connected to the car using the cigarette lighter connection and it was on for 2 half hour trips. It still did not turn on. I am wondering if the battery is gone. Can they be replaced. I cannot find any directions re repairs or anything.