Using GO Mobile App with my 2017 VW Jetta on my Galaxy s8

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I can't seem to get my tom tom go app to pair with Android auto or mirror link please help


  • Asprin
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    Please take the time to search this topic.

    It has been posted so many times.

    TomTomGo does not support Android auto or mirror link.

    Or better to say Google does not support TomTomGo.

    You have to take it up with Google to open up the code to let 3rd. party GPS apps to work.

    These products were made for anything that is Google like their Google maps.
  • KIlden-Pedersen
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    I don't understand why TomTom doesn't tell us this if this is the explanation.
  • floc
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    because it's the cruel reality, even if is a crappy explaination :) It's a pity that tomtom doesnt support android auto, don't bother google about this as it's only a tomtom fault not being involved in android auto from his start.
  • Valdor
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    The official Google responses seems to alway be a variation of
    At the time of writing this answer (12.03.2017) there is no indication if/when Android Auto will be opened to 3rd party navigation software. The only one we know will be available at some point is Waze but we have no clue on when that will happen.