Unable to use MyDrive app on an iPhone 6S

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I have been reading this chat for a while now as I recently bought a tomtom go 620 as I am a driver so it would be easier to set the multi drop route on my phone in the morning and just send the route to my tomtom device once at work. Unfortunately, even if I have managed to get my tomtom to use data from my phone for traffic, I am not able to properly connect it to the app to use full service. I have checked it with my friends android device and it all worked, so the product is not faulty. Checked the phone too and it is in good working order, connects to every device in the house and am able to use the apps to control them.
I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting bluetooth and personal hotspot multiple times, have reseted the factory settings on tomtom and nothing worked. Does anyone know why is this happening and how to solve it?