Truck data for Android based TomTom Go ?

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Does anyone out there know if there is a method of adding data for trucks, to the current (Android) TomTom Go ?

I've used the standard version for a couple of years in my car now and am very pleased with the results, having adapted it for my motorbike as well. Two bike trips around France and Germany have been completely trouble free.

I'm now wondering if I can get data, such as bridge heights and weight limits added to the TomTom app, so I can use the same system in a truck. Instead of having to buy a dedicated SatNav.




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    It is not possible.
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    It is not possible? Negative useless answer, nothing new here.

    Instead of been negative which is what I hate about TomTom and there community of negative "Round in circles with nothing ever getting solved" Morans.

    Could you have not at least given @Nickh2203 an alternative option to his question.

    There are in fact 2 Low Bridge Maps made for the UK! So I can't see why others cannot be created for other countries. They can be imported to the "My Places" section of TomTom Go for Android. Download the KML file convert it to OV2 free online to TT format and import it.

    Convert here...

    At least after planning a route one can check if there are bridges on that particular route and if so avoid them by holding your finger down on another section of road adding it to the current route which will then re-route around said bridge avoiding collisions.
    A copy of low bridges in the UK. This list has 1 bridge added that was missing from the original. Located at "Stanley Park Ave S, Liverpool L4 7XG, UK" (Railway)

    This one bridge added by Chris has a height error. It is actually 12'6" not 10'6"
    See link below...,-2.9508165,3a,75y,19.02h,116.6t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spiwzd_DSg4bcAtK6KtRAvw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    Created by Chris Minihan,-3.226116187477146&z=7
    Low Bridges UK - Original,-2.130525000000034&z=6
    Be helpful even in a round about until something better comes along.

    To the user, because an alternative has been suggested it may contain errors.
    Always be cautious and watch for signs at or before bridges.

    If you would like to create your own map visit...

    Peace out.
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    Just to inform you the above displays bridge heights only from "My Places".

    There is no information mentioned above for vehicle L/W/H or ADR.

    Also for the above to be displayed on your device you must place the converted OV2 file in the following location/s...

    On phone storage

    If you are using an SD Card look for a similar path to the above.


    Peace out.
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    There are enough Truck apps out there to install.

    TomTomGo is a car app plan and simple.

    Or you can go out and get a Truck stand alone unit.
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    Hi All,

    Many thanks for the responses. . . I was kinda expecting the reply, which I got from Ethoz, what I didn't know about were the add in stuff which is out there. Very helpful . . . thanks.

    At the moment I use the TomTom Go on my phone for everything including trucks, and usually check the route before I set off. If there appears to be any bridges en-route I nip over to Google Earth and have a quick look at the bridge height on Street View (bridges over 16'6"- 5.02m are not plated). They are my main worry whilst driving an artic. Also I engage brain when the SatNav wants to take me down a leafy lane . . and just don't go there. So far that method has worked fine.

    I'll take a look at the add on's for My Places, it may take the faff out of route planning, although I think I'm more comfortable with a picture of the bridge itself, especially if there's traffic in the picture. It gives me the best idea of clearances, before I get there. A direct link from TomTom to Google Street View might be a good idea though . . .

    Thanks once again,