How to record 18 holes on a 9 hole course?

Jimmy The Jinx
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Just got the golfer se 2. Very happy with it. It syncs with my Samsung #7 perfectly. Works well on course.
I can't work out how to record a full 18 hole round on my local 9 hole course. This must be a quick fix surely.
Previously I have used the free swing by swing android app and it gives you the option to add a "back 9" it must be possible!
Please tom Tom tell me how.
Or this watch is no use for me analysing my golf


  • ljbd999
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    It has similar problems when playing just 9 on an 18 hole. There is no adjustment that can be made in the software.
    Probably the biggest drawback of the watch.
  • GaudetPlayer2
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    Can TomTom provide an update to include the functionality described above?

    If yes, when will it be available?
  • Moravia
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    Facing the same challenge :-( So far there is no solution and personally I don't believe in it.

    The only hope is to wait if there will be added such "selection option" in some future firmware version. On the other hand Garmin devices have not such option too as I remember well.

    In the meantime we should enjoy the games without it :-)