Calorie counter on Spark 3

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I recently purchased a TomTom Spark 3 watch in September 2017 and having issues with the calorie counter. For some reason the counter starts at about 200-300 calories at the start of the day even though I haven't worn the watch. How can I ensure the counter starts at zero at the start of each day?

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    If you were alive and breathing, digesting, etc. then you were burning calories and that is what a 24/7 activity tracker is supposed to be tracking. It computes a BMR based on your gender, height, weight, etc. and takes this along with steps and sports activities to come up with calories burned. So between midnight and whenever you woke up you burned 200-300 calories just being alive. This is exactly what it and all other activity trackers are designed to do, they count your calories burned whether you are wearing the watch or not. It would do no good to only count them while you are wearing it as you would get an incomplete picture of your daily activity. In my experience it is generally pretty accurate (or as accurate as BMR based calculations can be as they are based on averages).

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