Updates won't work - 407 identify your device error

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A problem has occurred
The following problem occurred. You can continue, but functionality may not be available.
Error when contacting server:: An error occurred. Unable to identify your device.
407 /#https:://community .tomtom.com/shop/getAccountLicensedContent:: An error occurred. Unable to identify your device. Error code: 407 URL: https://community.tomtom.com
/shop/getAccountLicensedContent Additional information: info= [objed] info.func: = [string]
Thank you for reporting errors to TomTom automatically. Report incident ID: 529480517
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  • lallasro
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    anyone know how to fix this please?
  • lampard
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    Hi lallasro,

    Are you getting the same error while updating your Rider (K4) device using TomTom HOME? Can you please soft reset the device and connect it to computer again to link it again to your account? Hope this resolves the issue!

    Cheers, lampard
  • oilman321
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    I also have this problem when trying to update the lifetime maps on my TomTom Rider. I have reset the device but still getting the same error code. Please advise